Monday, May 1, 2017

All tests taken today have been returned.

Please remember to do the evaluations for this course, which you have already received at your Saclink email. These need to be done by Friday of next week.

As I announced in class, if 90% of the students in the course do the evaluations, then I will grade the last test every students takes during finals week with reduced expectations, viz., that you will pass if you show a C+ level of comprehension. For most tests, this will mean getting one proof entirely correct and demonstrating a reasonable grasp of how to approach the other one.

Please note that 90% is not an easy number to achieve. There are always usually students who simply expects almost everyone else to do them, so neglects to do them him or herself. So you should do your best to encourage everyone to do the evaluations, and you should definitely not count on this outcome as far as your level of preparation is concerned.

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