Monday, January 30, 2017

Tests taken today have been graded and returned to Google Drive.

On Wednesday we will spend some time in the beginning of class talking about main operators and how to identify them, and take questions about difficult translations.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hi everyone, so Monday will be our first testing opportunity day. I will spend the first 30-40 minutes lecturing, and then testing will be made available to anyone prepared to do it. Remember that to take a test you must have already passed the online quiz and that you must have a gmail account to write on the top of the test.

On Monday, the test will be administered in the classroom.  Since the class also functions as a study hall where people are permitted to talk, please bring earplugs if this will bother you. Remember that the test is closed book and you may not be plugged into the outside world in any way.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Hi, and welcome to the course. This is the page where you will come to learn what's going on in class. Typically I will be informing you about the availability of online lectures, homework assignments, posted solutions, upcoming tests, etc.

This is an unusual class and you should be sure you are prepared to thrive in it.

First, it is 'flipped', which means that all of the lecturing occurs online, and the class itself is entirely devoted to doing work.  It is absolutely essential that you engage the online materials before coming to class with questions.  Otherwise you will be totally lost. If you are the sort of person who is unable to learn by engaging online videos, this is definitely not the class for you.

Let me put this a different way, just to err on the side of clarity. If your idea of a class is one in which you come having done little or nothing and park your butt in a seat and listen to your teacher say this and that, this is not one of those classes. The only way you learn anything in class is by coming and working. I absolutely love helping students to learn the material, but I have to see evidence of struggle. The minimum level of evidence for this is that you come to class with questions about the lecture and reading.

Second, this class is (conditionally) self-paced. This means that you must be self-motivated or you will not succeed. The course requires you to pass each test at a certain level before you are allowed to proceed to the next one.

If this sounds good to you, then welcome (again) to the class. It's a fair amount of work, but I think you will enjoy it and in the end you will know you have really learned something. Stay tuned.