Saturday, November 17, 2018

Please see the previous post before reading this one.

In consideration of the fact that we are losing yet another day (no class on 11/20) I am further adjusting the attendance requirements. The peer tutoring adjustment remains the same, but I will be sure that tutoring opportunities are available to everyone who wants them during our last four meeting. The final grade adjustment remains the same as well, however I will be sure to provide at least three testing opportunities during finals week. 

Grade Last test passedMinimum attendancePeer tutoring
F <6NA 0
D 617 0
C- 6*15 0
C 716  0
C+* 7*14 0 
B- 813 0
B   912 4
B+ 1011 5
A-  1110 6
A 129 7

Have a nice Thanksgiving.

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